Which of the Sample Page Sets are best for eye gaze users?

July 18, 2016

Although most of the Sample Page Sets can be used by eye gaze users, there are a few that were designed with the eye gaze user in mind, as well as others that could prove challenging to eye gaze users. The following is a list of sample pages that were made for eye gaze users (and the section on the main page in which they can be found).

Especially made for eye gaze users:
Simple Table (Symbol-Based Communication)
Pragmatic Eye Gaze Book (Symbol-Based Communication)
Creating Documents (Text-Based Communication)
Encoding Board (Text-Based Communication)
Eye Phrase Prediction (Text-Based Communication)
Eye Control Words Pronto (Text-Based Communication)
Eye Control Typing Board (Text-Based Communication)
Eye Control EZ ABC (E-mail, Chat and SMS)
Creating Email and SMS (E-mail, Chat and SMS)

The following is a list of sample pages that contain some small targets that could prove difficult for eye gaze users. Could be challenging for eye gaze users: Appointment Calendar and Appointment Calendar 2 (Calendars and Schedules)
Schedule and Schedule 2 (Calendars and Schedules)
Photo Album Ideas (Music and Photo Albums)
Music Player  Simple (Music and Photo Albums)
Yahtzee, Yatzy and Yatzy 2 (Games & Exploration)
Match Games (Games & Exploration)
Edit Phrase Lists (Text-Based Communication)
Simple On-Screen Keyboard and Simple High Contrast (HC)
On-Screen Keyboard (Text based Communication)