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Tobii Dynavox (North America)
2100 Wharton Street , Suite 400
Pittsburgh, PA 15203 USA
Phone: +1-800-344-1778

President: Fredrik Ruben

VAT-ID: SE5566139654

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Tobii Dynavox is part of the Tobii Group (Tobii AB) with its headquarters located at the address below. Tobii AB is a Swedish public, limited liability company founded and operating under Swedish law.

Tobii Group
Karlsrovägen 2D
182 53 Danderyd

Management of Tobii AB

  • Henrik Eskilsson, President, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Tobii, acting Business Unit President and CEO of Tobii Tech AB
  • Cecilia Eriksson, Global HR Director
  • Johan Wilsby, Chief Financial Officer
  • Fredrik Ruben, Business Unit President Tobii Dynavox
  • Tom Englund, Business Unit President Tobii Pro
  • Trent Smith, Chiel IP Officer
  • Jonas Jakstad, Senior VP Global Operations

Members of the Board

  • Chairman of the board: Kent Sander
  • Director and board member: Heli Arantola
  • Director and board member: Nils Bernhard
  • Director and board member: Åsa Hedin
  • Director and board member: Jan Wäreby
  • Director and board member: Charlotta Falvin
  • Director and board member: Jörgen Lantto
  • Director and board member: Mårten Skogö

Information about the directors and boards members can be found on

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