What do the options listed in Gaze Selection Settings mean?

September 15, 2017

Gaze Selection Settings – General Tab
Selection - your options are Gaze or Switch
Precision - this adjusts how wide the zoom starts from
•adjust to the right means wider zoom
•adjust to the left means less zoom down to no zoom at all
Speed - this adjusts how fast the zoom moves
•adjust to the right means slower speed
•adjust to the left means faster speed
A precision and speed of zero (extreme left) is typically used by users with very high quality calibration and almost mimics a mouse click without the zooming

Gaze Selection Settings – Keyboard Tab
Language - there are 22 different language iterations included Word Prediction - turns word prediction on or off on the Gaze Selection keyboard
Size - size of the keyboard
Sound Feedback - clicking sound when keyboard key is selected
Gaze Typing Speed - length of time the user must spend dwelling on a key
•adjust to the right for increased dwell time (slower)
•adjust to the left for decreased dwell time (faster)

Gaze Selection Settings – Taskbar Tab
•Here you can select which icons appear on the Gaze Selection toolbar
•You can also maximize the space allotted to the left click icon - makes it easier to target