What do the LED colors mean on the I-110?

September 07, 2017

  • When the I-110 is not connected to the power cord and is in use the LED is shut off.
  • When the I-110 is plugged in and the batteries are fully charged the LED is green.
  • When the LED is blinking green, this indicates that the device cannot start up due to overheating.  We do not utilize the LED to indicate overheating while the device is in operation because we utilize messages on the screen.  If the device is overheating, keep it powered off for 15 minutes or longer and in an area around room temperature (not in a closed car in the summertime for instance).
  • When the I-110 is plugged in and charging the LED is blue.
  • If you attempt to turn on the device when it is not plugged in and the battery is low (less than 5%), the LED blinks blue.  While in operation the user is warned through messages on the screen if the battery is running low and we do not utilize the LED to warn.