NavBar Pageset - Editing and Adding Scripts

July 27, 2016

The pre-made scripts can easily be personalized to better meet an individual's communication needs. You can change messages, reorder the messages, add messages, and personalize the images used for the person and/or communication partner. Each topic also includes three additional blank scripts and one of each type that you can use to create a new script.

kA1G00000008u98KAA_en_US_1_0  You are not limited to the script pages provided in the topic. Additional scripts of any type can be created and link to the Scripts menu page as necessary.

1.  Select the Settings button on the Toolbar.  kA1G00000008u98KAA_en_US_1_1

2.  Select Page Browser.

3.  Navigate to the NavBar Pageset.

4.  Select Topics.
5.  Select the topic whose script you would like to change.
6.  Select Scripts.

7.  Select the script page to edit. Then select Open.
8.  Select the Settings button on the Toolbar.  kA1G00000008u98KAA_en_US_1_6

9.  Select Page Browser.

10.  Select the page you are going to edit.

11.  Select Editor.

12.  Select the button to edit.
13.  Select the Properties button.

14.  Select the Labelfield, and type the new text to appear on the button.
15.  If applicable, select the Messagefield, and type the new message to be spoken.

Repeat steps 14 & 15 for all of the buttons to edit.  Select the tabs to make changes to the other pages (if any.)
16.  To personalize the image used for the person or communication partner, select the Personbutton at the bottom of the screen.
17.  Select the Properties button.
18.  Select the Selectbutton.  kA1G00000008u98KAA_en_US_1_12

19.  Select a symbol or image to use.

20.  Select the green Select button at the top right corner of the screen.  kA1G00000008u98KAA_en_US_1_14

21.  Select File, then Save, then Exit