I heard my device performs a backup automatically, What does it backup and how do I restore?

July 19, 2016


What is backed up?

Below you'll find a description of the files that are included in the backup. Some files have been considered but excluded because of their size, such as .mp3 and .pst. We are actually limited by space.

  • All files under C:\ProgramData\Tobii
  • All files under C:\ProgramData\Viking Software
  • All files under C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Viking Software, for each user if such a folder exists.
  • Files under C:\Users\<user> (where user is not "All Users" or "Public") if the file name matches any of these patterns:
    • *.cdd
    • *.vse
    • *.smd
    • *.txt
    • *.rtf
    • *.xml
    • *.pdf
    • *.doc
    • *.docx
    • *.docm
    • *.dotx
    • *.dotm
    • *.dot
    • *.xls
    • *.xlsx
    • *.xlsm
    • *.xlsb
    • *.xltx
    • *.xltm
    • *.xlt
    • *.csv
    • *.ppt
    • *.pptx
    • *.pptm
    • *.potx
    • *.potm
    • *.pot
    • *.odt
    • *.ods
    • *.odp
    • *.odf
    • *.ott
    • *.ots
    • *.otp
    • *.ini
    • *.config
    • *.clx
    • *.phr
    • *.vfo
    • *.uidl
    • *.fdf
    • *.msf
    • *.mif
    • *.url
    • *.bm2
    • *.bmp
    • *.jpg
    • *.jpeg
    • *.jpe
    • *.gif
    • *.png
    • *.dib
    • *.jfif
    • *.tif
    • *.tiff
    • *.emf
    • *.wmf
    • *.odg
    • *.otg


  • excluding junctions and these folders:
    • AppData
    • Downloads
    • Saved Games
    • Searches

Backup schedule

The backup is scheduled to run every Sunday at 3:00 PM. If a scheduled backup is missed the backup task will run as soon as possible. The backup task will backup files for all users.

Run backup manually

It is possible to run a backup manually. Just go into the Task Scheduler and hit run for the task "C-Series Backup".

How to restore files

The backup files are placed under Q:\Backup\<date>. To restore the files, copy the folders under Q:\Backup\<date> to C:\.

What happens if the disk is full?

If the backup drive does not have enough space some files will not be backed up. In those cases the robocopy command will write an error to the log file. The log file is found in the backup directory of the current backup. Image files have the lowest priority (backed up last). The largest file size for backup is 100 MB.