How to Use the Page Browser in Compass

July 27, 2016

The Page Browser is the quickest way to find and open a page. You can search for a page by name, or look through the folders and see preview images of pages before opening them.

1.  Select the Settings button in the Toolbar.

kA1G00000008tnZKAQ_en_US_1_1If the Toolbar is hidden, first select the Modify Button  kA1G00000008tnZKAQ_en_US_1_2at the top right corner of your screen and choose Settings.

2.  Select Page Browserfrom the Settings menu.


The icons at the top right of the screen (circled in the illustration above) enable you to display the pages and folders as a grid (default) or list.

Use the arrow button at the upper left of the screen (circled in the illustration above) to move up through the layers of folders. Select a folder to open it and display the pages inside. Select a page, and a large thumbnail of the page will open.

3.  Select Opento open the selected page or Editorto edit the page.