How to make a Shutdown device button for an I-Series device or Windows computer with Compass version 2.6 and above

April 05, 2017

Windows platforms now support shutdown from within Compass using a Macro. Once the Macro is created you can put the Macro on a button to perform the shutdown. This is for Windows Only.

 To create the Macro
1. Access the Settings menu button
User-added image
2. Select the Editor icon
User-added image
3. Access the File options menuUser-added image
4. Access the Macros option
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5. Select manage option in the upper right corner
6. Select the Blue New Macro option
7. Enter ShutdownDevice in the Macro Properties box in the Name field. Use a Capital S and a capital D in the word device. There are no spaces
User-added image
8. Select the Green Save option.
9. Select the Green done button twice and select Back.
10. Exit the editor and save if prompted.
Create a button for the Shutdown Option
This example is using the dashboard page within the All Access Pageset
1. Navigate to the page you want the shutdown button on.
2. Modify the dashboard to enable this button to be shown. (this is only if you are using the all Access dashboard page)
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3. Select the button to enable it, a blue check mark will appear indicating this button is active.
4. Select the X in the upper right corner to close the modify process.
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5. Return to the settings menu, editor menu and select the button you exposed to continue modifying it.
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6. Select the Properties icon to edit the button and add a label and a symbol
7. Select the Actions field. In the Script editor, open the arrow next to Favorites to expose all options. Choose the Macros option.
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8. Scroll through the list to find ShutdownDevice. You cannot search for it using the search box above.
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9. Select the ShutdownDevice and it will show up in the script editor.
10. Select Done.
11. Select Exit and Yes to save.