How to Assign Actions in Compass

July 27, 2016

The software offers a large number of preprogrammed actions that you can assign to objects on a page - or to the page itself.

Actions make an object (a button, hotspot, message window, page, etc.) do something.

Whether you want to speak a label directly from a button, open a page, or hide an object, you'll need to assign actions to the object.

1. Select the Modify button  kA1G00000008trRKAQ_en_US_1_0 in the top right corner of your screen.

Note: If the Toolbar is disabled, when you select the Modify button, a dialog will open with two options: Modify or Settings. Select the Modifybutton.

2.Select the object to be modified.

The Properties panel for the selected object will open to the Contenttab. (The options and tabs in the Properties panel will vary, depending on the object selected.)


3.Select the Edit...button next to Actions.  The Script Editor will open, displaying a drop-down list of categories in the left viewport.


4. From the drop-down list, select the category of object to which you want to assign actions. For example, if you're assigning actions to a button, select Buttonsfrom the list.

A list of available actions will display. The list of actions will vary, depending on the object being edited.  For example, if you selected Buttons, button actions will be displayed with a brief description of each action. (If any actions are already assigned to the object, they will appear in the right viewport.)

5.  Select an action to assign to the object.  As you make your selections, the assigned actions will appear in a list in the right viewport.


Actions will be performed in the order they are listed. To change the order of the programmed actions, select the action in the right viewport, and then select the blue Move Upor Move Down button. (Or select the trash icon to remove the action from the list.)

After assigning actions, select the green check mark button at the top right corner of the screen.