How does the EyeMobile compare to the I-Series, your dedicated speech generating devices?

July 15, 2016

The Tobii I-Series, with the Tobii I-12 and I-15, are dedicated Speech Generating Devices. As such they have been built from ground up to support Assistive and Augmentative Communication. The I-Series are medically classed, they have built in IR-senders and receivers for environmental control, they have speakers optimized for speech, they are rugged and water resistant (IP43) to withstand the sometimes rough treatment of everyday use. They can be also covered by the different funding systems in the different funded markets.

The Tobii EyeMobile offers another group of benefits, particularly: Mobility, Choice, and Normalcy. It is small, slim, lightweight, battery powered and easy to take with you on the move, mounted or resting on a table. It offers different tablet options for different needs; from long battery life, light, small screened and 3G, to high powered, larger screened and fantastic resolution. It offers some of the most popular consumer tablets for use for hands free computer access, with all that big business consumer tablets entail: great build quality, hundreds of thousands of entertainment, social and educational apps, cool factor, and an extremely fast product lifecycle.