How do I iOS reset the iPad for a SC Tablet or TD Pilot to set it up again?

March 09, 2020

The iPad that comes with the Speech Case (SC Tablet) or TD Pilot may need the iOS reset to receive the apps from Tobii Dynavox

Access the Settings icon on the home page of the iPad
Select the General settings on the left column
On the right column, select the Transfer or Resetoption, you may need to scroll down to see it.
Select the Erase All Content and Settings.
Erase This iPad

Confirm this option with Continue
You must enter the Pass codefor this iPad
You must enter the Apple ID password to continue
Message: Are you sure you want to continue? All Media, data,and settings will be erased. this cannot be undone.
Select the Erase iPad  in RED
The Apple icon will appear on the screen with a progress bar. It will go black and again an Apple icon will appear and another progress bar.
Finally the Hello Screen will appear.
Press the home button. Round button on the iPad.
Select the language you want
Select the region
Quick Start

Select Set up Manually !!!! Important to select Manually!!!!
Choose a Wi-Fi Network
Enter the Wi-fi network password.
Select the Nextoption in the upper right corner.
A message will appear this may take a few minutes.
Remote Management
Enrolling in remote management will allow this iPad to be managed by: Tobii Dynavox.
Select the Nextoption in the upper right corner.
Configuring iPad
Keep Your iPad up to Date
Select Continue
Location Services
Enable or disable Services, Please choose one
Screen Time
Continue or setup later in Settings
Light or Dark
Welcome to iPad
ChooseGet Started

The iPad will open to the main screen. Wait several minutes for the Tobii Dynavox Apps to download.
The icons will appear, greyed out, but will show they are loading.