How do I completely remove TD Phone from my I-Series?

April 17, 2023

There are many components to TD Phone.  Removing it from a device takes more than going into Settings and choosing to uninstall TD Phone.  To remove TD Phone please follow the steps below.  Some steps below can disable your device if done improperly prompting the need to ship it in for repair.  Please back up your software before following these steps.  Tobii Dynavox is not responsible for any data lost.  If you would like help with these steps, please contact technical support before proceeding.

  1. Please read the message above if you have not already.
  2. Uninstall Tobii Dynavox Phone Updater Service
  3. Uninstall Tobii Dynavox Phone Launcher
  4. Uninstall Tobii Dynavox Phone
  5. Delete "%programdata%\Tobii Dynavox\Phone Updater Service"
  6. Delete "%appdata%\Tobii Dynavox\Phone"
  7. Open Device Manager then expand Bluetooth
  8. Right-click Tobii Dynavox HFP Deviceand select Uninstall device.
  9. In Windows Settings > Devices, scroll down to Other devices to find the phone and choose Remove device.
  10. In Windows Settings > Apps & Features, uninstall Tobii Dynavox Telephony Bluetooth Driver.