v6 Improved color tool

October 01, 2018

Current Color Highlighted

The current color (of the button, border, text, background, etc.) is now highlighted by a rectangular indicator.

The Eyedropper
This new addition to the Color Tool allows you to select a color from anywhere on the screen for your color application. In the past, you were limited to the fixed colors in the Color Tool, but with the Eyedropper, you can select from any color being displayed in Boardmaker.
  • Select the Eyedropper near the lower right corner of the Color Tool.
  • Choose a color from anywhere within the program by moving the mouse cursor over the color you would like to use and clicking on it. 
    Note: As you move around, the color you are currently on will be previewed in the Eyedropper box of the Color Tool.
  • Just as with the fixed colors on the Color Tool, the Eyedropper will apply your selected color to the current active element (shown in red atop the Color Tool Window). For example, if the word Background is the active element, then you will color the background of the board with your chosen color; if Button, Border, Paint, or Transparency is shown as the active element, then that will be set to the chosen color. 
    Note: When there are several element options presented atop the Color Tool, you can change the active one by clicking on the option whose color you want to modify.