How to Update Boardmaker 7 Editor

December 12, 2022

  • Check your current version number by following these steps:
    • Windows - In the Boardmaker 7 Editor, click the 3 lines menu button in the top left, scroll down and click “About Boardmaker 7 Editor."
    • Mac - In the Boardmaker 7 Editor, go to the menu bar in the top left corner and click "Boardmaker 7 Editor," then select “About Boardmaker 7 Editor.”  
  • If you are running Boardmaker 7.2.3, you are all set. If you receive a notification to update beyond 7.2.3, you may click ‘postpone’.
  • Users running version 7.1.0 or later should see a notification inside of the Editor that an update is available.
    • IT Departments that have turned off the auto-check/auto-download options will not receive this prompt and users will need to manually check for updates from the menu in Boardmaker 7 Editor.
    • IT departments that blocked updates or that have installed Boardmaker 7 Editor without the TD Updater will need to download the update from the myBoardmaker download center and deploy it to their users.
  • Windows and Mac users running version 7.0.4 or older will need to uninstall and reinstall the most up to date app from the myBoardmaker download center to receive the latest updates.