Where can I find the Import/Export Feature to back up in Communicator 5 and how do I use it?

July 28, 2016

Right-click on the page in Communicator to open the Quick-Access Menu. Select “Advanced Settings” and open the “User Setup” tab. There you can select “Import/Export”.
Follow the wizard as it takes you through the steps.
To Export:
1) Choose Export selected settings and data.
2) Choose the Type of Export (Standard, Full, or Custom),
3) Name the Export file and choose where it is saved,
4) Let the Communicator Software do the work for you as it backs up all of your important information.

To Import:
1) Choose Import selected settings and data
2) Browse to the location of the file and select it on the right.
3) Choose Full or Custom import
4) Select the user (or create a new one) that the files will be imported to
5) Allow Communicator to transfer the files.