Stroke and Brain Injury Persona - Changing a Topic Word in Compass

July 27, 2016

1. Open the topic.
2. Select Topic Words.
3. Select the Settingsbutton.
4. Select Editor.
5. Select the Topic Word Listthat you wish to change.
6. Select Edit, then choose Select Contents.
7. Select the Propertiesbutton. kA1G0000000A1j9KAC_en_US_1_3
8. Select the Source field.
9. Navigate to the Word List you wish to use and select it. Note: The Word List you are searching for might be located inside another Word List.
10. Select the green Selectbutton to confirm.
11. Select the tab of your Topic Word Listlike you did in step #5.
12. Select the Propertiesbutton. kA1G0000000A1j9KAC_en_US_1_5
13. Select the Labelfield and use the System Keyboard to change the label to match the name of the new Topic Word List.Select Done on the Keyboard to confirm.
14. Select the blue Selectbutton and use the “Select a Symbol” page to choose a symbol.
15. Select the green Select button to confirm.
16. Select the Exitbutton.
17. Select YES to save your changes.