How do I use Drawing Mode in TD Control?

November 02, 2022

Drawing Mode can be used to scribble, doodle, and draw lines freehand. 

There are four actions located in the off-screen menu when in Drawing Mode.  Those actions are 

  • Adjust Target - Lets you adjust cursor placement whenever an area of the canvas is selected.  This can be disabled.
  • Draw Line - Enables you to be able to draw straight lines in one of eight directions.  This can also be disabled to be able to draw freeform.
  • Undo- To undo your the last thing you did
  • Redo- Undoes Undo
In addition to the four action buttons you'll see the Guide button and the Close button
  • Guide / Hide Guide - Toggles button descriptions.  *Tip:  Since there is no Pause in Drawing Mode, enabling Guide can be used to look at the screen without activating anything.
  • Close- Exits out of Drawing Mode


Before drawing, you'll need to open your drawing program.  In Windows you can use Paint or Paint 3D.
To begin drawing:
  1. Select whatever art utensil you wish to use (such as paintbrush, pen, watercolor, etc.), the color you wish to use, and the thickness of the line that you want to draw
  2. Select the Drawing Mode button.
  3. If you want to draw straight lines, select the Draw Line button from the off-screen menu.
  4. Dwell on the area you would like to begin drawing, then click on the left-click mouse button.  Remember, you can use the Adjust Target button to zoom in on the area in which you would like to begin drawing
  5. You will see two circles appear, a small circle and a larger circle.  Look in the direction you want to draw.  Stay between the two circles in order to draw. 
  6. When you have completed drawing the line or figure, select the X button.
If you don't like what was drawn, you can choose the Undo button in the Off-Screen menu.  If you change your mind, you can select Redo.

Begin Drawing

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