How do I Create a Text Box on a Page or Popup in Compass?

July 27, 2016

Navigate to the page on which you wish to add a text box (named Message Window in past Series 5 software).

1.  Select the Modify button in the top right corner of the screen, and then choose Settings.


2. Select Page Browserand then the page you wish to edit, and choose Editor.

3.  Select Label from the Editing Toolbar.


4.  Select the Text Boxtool.


5. Select the place on the page where you want to place the text box, then drag diagonally to size the box to your liking.

6. Once satisfied with your changes,  choose the File button , then Save,

kA1G00000009vaMKAQ_en_US_1_3 then finally, Exit. kA1G00000009vaMKAQ_en_US_1_4