How Do I Add a Web Page Link To a Button Using Master Page in Compass?

July 30, 2018

1)  Open Compass to the page where you want the button to reside.
Video Page

2) Choose the settings Icon
User-added image

3) Choose Editor
User-added image

4)  Choose the button you are creating
Choose the New Video Button

5)  Select the properties button
Click Red Circle

6) Select the Actions Window
Choose Action

7)  In the Search box, type in URL, select done on the keyboard.
Type URL in the Search

8)  Choose OpenApplicationWeb()
Choose Web Application

9)   Add the page URL you want to go to from the button (i.e.  Choose OpenApplicationWeb(“”) You must use "quotes" before and after the web address.
Type Web Address of the File

10)  Select the green check mark
Save Address

11)  Choose Done.
Choose Done

12) Close out of the application and test your button.