How can I create a speech and include pauses for effect in Compass?

July 27, 2016

  1. Select the Modifybutton and select the button that will contain your speech.
  2. Select the Properties button.
  3. Place a label and a symbol on it.
  1. Tap in the Actions field to open the Script Editor.
  2. In the search field, type InsertTextand select it from the choices.

  1. Using the system keyboard, type out the first part of your speech.  Pay attention to your spelling and punctuation. Hit the Done key on the keyboard when you are finished.
  2. Select the green OK button.
  3. To insert a pause in your speech follow these instructions. In the Script Editor, type pause in the search field then choose InsertPause(pauseLen)from the results.

  1. Using the keypad, enter the number of seconds you want the pause to be. When complete, tap the green OK button.

  1. Use the InsertTextaction to compose the second part of your speech.
  2. Use the InsertPause(pauseLen)action to set the second pause in your speech.
  3. Repeat until complete. Once complete, select the green Done button to exit the Script Editor.
On the page, press your speech button. The speech will load into the Message Window. Press the Speak button to recite your speech.