v6 Matching worksheet

October 01, 2018

Prepare to create

  • Open Boardmaker then open a new board. 
  • Ensure proper print setup.
    • Select File > Print Setup
    • Select Print Setup > Portrait orientation
    • Click on “Use Printer Page”

Create cells
  • Using cell tool, create 1 cell approximately 1.5-2 inches in size.
  • Using the spray tool, spray 4 additional cells. 
    Note:Leave room at the top of the page for student name, title and directions.

Duplicate column of cells
  • Select Edit>Select All
  • Then select Edit>Copy
  • Last, select Edit>Paste 

Move cells to the right
  • The newly duplicated cells will have a green dotted line showing they are selected.
  • Use the pointer tool and CLICK in the center of the top square, HOLD the mouse down, and DRAG to the right.
  • Take time to center the 2 columns, again leaving room at the top of the page. 

Title the worksheet
  • Select the “A” tool. 
  • Click on the background above the grid and type title. 
    Note: You can change the size of the type under the Text Menu. To center the title, use the pointer tool, click on the text and move title. 

Name and direction line 
  • Select the “A” tool and type the word “Name:”
  • Select the “Line” tool and draw a line after the word “Name:”
  • Select the “A” tool and type the directions for the worksheet. 

Add symbols
  • Click on the “Silly Man” and open the Symbol Finder Window. 
  • Fill worksheet with symbols. 
    Note: Be Creative! Decide the skill you want this worksheet to reinforce!