Instructor access levels

October 01, 2018

Please note this article applies only to District subscription accounts.
There are the levels of access available to instructors in your district account:
  • As you enter Instructors into your Boardmaker Online district/ enterprise account, you will be required to set their access level. Access level reflects the privileges they will have with regard to entering and accessing student data. There are four levels to choose from.
  • Instructor – The instructor may assign and manage activities for his or her assigned students. Students will be assigned to instructor accounts by the organization administrator only.
  • Instructor with Local Admin Privileges – The instructor may assign and manage activities for his or her students, and may add their own students individually, but may not access global (district-wide) student records.
  • Instructor with Admin Privileges – The instructor may assign and manage student assignments, access global student records, and select his or her own students from the global student roster.
  • Instructor with Org Admin Privileges – The instructor may access global student and instructor records, and may set access levels and account settings.

You can, however, change the instructor's access level at any time.
  1. Select Admin > Instructor Roster Management.
  2. Select the ID link for the instructor whose access level you want to change. 
     User-added image
    The Instructor Profile will open.
  3. Select the Edit link. 
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    The Edit Instructor menu will open. 
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  4. Use the drop-down list menu under Access Level to change the instructor's access level.
  5. Select Save & Close. (Or select Save & Continue if you want to assign students to the instructor.