Associating IEP goals with educational standards

October 01, 2018

Please note this article applies only to Professional and District subscription accounts.

Associate a student's IEP goals to specific Boardmaker activities - this way you can easily track the student's performance toward his or her goals....                                                                
  1. Select Students > Student Management. The Student Management page will open.
  2. Select the Student ID link of the student whose IEP goals you want to edit. The Student Profile page will open.
  3. Select IEP Goals.The student’s IEP goals will be displayed. 
    Student Profile. IEP Goals
  4. Select the Associate Standard button corresponding to the IEP goal to which you want to associate a standard. The Manage Standards dialog will open. 
    Manage Standards
  5. Select the Common Core or state-specific set of standards you wish to use. The standard set you have chosen will load.
  6. Select a grade level and subject area from the drop-down lists. 
    Manage Standards
  7. Scroll down the list, and select the standards you want to associate with the IEP goal.

The standards you have selected will be displayed next to the IEP goal with which it is associated on the Student Profile page, and will be used as a basis for recommending activities to be assigned to that student.

Recommended Activities

After you have associated Educational Standards to the student’s IEP goals, you can view activities that meet those standards and assign the activities to the student.

Recommendations are automatically suggested activities from the community.
  1. From the Student Profile page, select Recommendations.
  2. Select the IEP goal for which you want activity recommendations. 
    Student Profile. Recommendations 
    A list of suggested activities that match the educational standards you have associated with the IEP goal will be displayed.
  3. Select the activities you want to assign to the student, and select Assign Selected (or Create Activity Set From Selected.)