Sono Flex

Sono Flex is a versatile, flexible platform designed to meet each individual where they are on their communication journey. It's easy to use and customize to meet changing needs. Combine core and topic-based vocabulary dynamically with over 11,000 SymbolStix® symbols and over 50 pre-set phrases - or create symbols using your own photos. Available on iPhone, iPad, PC and select Tobii Dynavox devices via our Communicator 5 software.


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Designed for AAC

Tobii Dynavox Sono Flex app used by SLP and student

Sono Flex is designed to help caregivers and communication partners personalize content to foster language skills by:

  • Mixing phrase-based and word-based communication
  • Combining situations or topics with vocabulary categorized by grammar
  • Finding balance between conversational and individual needs

Why it’s unique

The Tobii Dynavox Sono Flex app has access to 800 words for easy interaction

Structure & growth

Structure is essential when it comes to quickly finding, using, and adding words and phrases. As vocabulary develops over time, a structure must be in place that restricts chaotic growth. Sono Flex is structured to avoid too many constraints or even dead ends.

Core & fringe vocabulary

When we communicate there are a few words and phrases that we use often, such as “want” or “have”. These are known as core vocabulary. There are also words specific to different situations and topics, such as “train ticket”. These are known as fringe vocabulary. Sono Flex separates core and fringe vocabulary, making it easier to find and use relevant words.

Tobii Dynavox Sono Flex comes with accessible core vocabulary

A woman and a child interact on a Tobii Dynavox device

Topic based vocabulary

Words and phrases that have been grouped together based on particular situations are known as topic-based contexts. When you are at the playground, simply make the playground topic available so that your child has access to words and phrases such as ‘swing’ and ‘park’. The bedtime topic includes words like ‘brush teeth’ and ‘teddy bear’. This makes it simpler to engage in communication and initiate conversations.

Hundreds of words

Sono Flex comes with over 800 readily accessible words and phrases that are used in daily conversation, allowing more control and independence for the communicator and less support from SLPs, teachers or caregivers.

A young girl is learning to communicate  via a Tobii Dynavox device

The Tobii Dynavox Sono Flex app turns SymbolStix symbols into speech

Color coding

The Fitzgerald Key is a concept for categorizing nouns, people, places, social vocabulary and more by color. This makes it easy to add, find and use main vocabulary words in a structured way. 


Tobii Dynavox Sono Flex logo

Tobii Dynavox Sono Flex

System Requirements

Operating System

iOS 8.0 or later

Available storage

322.4 MB