Sensory Guru Eye-FX

Sensory Guru Eye FX is designed to develop early cause and effect skills through fun, stimulating visual games and activities. The software comes pre-installed as a trial on our I-Series. It can also be used with a Windows computer or tablet together with any Tobii Dynavox eye tracker and compatible eye gaze software such as Windows Control, Gaze Point or Classic TGIS. Sensory Guru Eye-FX is also available in packages together with PCEye Mini or PCEye Plus, as well as a standalone purchase.


Learn eye gaze skills

Sensory Guru EyeFX is a set of 30 software applications divided into 5 stages of eye gaze learning, designed to develop screen engagement, tracking, targeting, selecting and creative skills.

Child engaging with a blank screen in Eye-FX

Screen Engagement

Blank Screen Engagement activities allow learners to explore cause and effect – when they look, something happens, when they look away it stops. This concept is fundamental to learning gaze interaction.

Object Displacement

Object Displacement activities introduce methods of gaze interaction such as dwell functions and basic targeting. This teaches learners a greater awareness of how their gaze activates a response.

Child learning basic targeting with Sensory Guru Eye-FX

Child learning zoned focusing with Sensory Guru Eye-FX

Zoned Focusing

Zoned Focusing, the ability to target specific areas of the screen, teaches cursor control. Learners will begin to fix their gaze to achieve greater control and accuracy - skills needed for calibration.

Active Exploration

Learners need to be motivated to engage with the screen. Active Exploration activities encourage learners to engage with a wider area of the screen and have fun using their eyes.

Child engaging with her whole screen in Sensory Guru Eye-FX

Child using her learned eye gaze skills to communicate

Controlled Targeting

Controlled Targeting activities can help learners achieve greater control, a higher degree of accuracy and a more detailed understanding of the dwell function.


Sensory Guru Eye-FX icon

Tobii Dynavox Sensory Guru Eye FX

System Requirements

Operating System

Windows 7 or 8


Windows Control

Files and Formats




PCEye Plus
PCEye Go
PCEye Mini
PCEye Explore (with Windows Control)
I-Series+ (I-12 & I-15)


Mozilla Firefox 31 or newer


Windows Control
Classic Tobii Gaze Interaction Software