The Power of a Voice

The Power of a Voice

Reuters Global Health Campaign

Tobii Dynavox joined forces with Reuters for its 2023 Global Health Campaign, a documentary series that explores the state of health and well-being around the world following the Covid-19 pandemic. Our episode, The Power of a Voice, focuses on assistive communication and its life-changing impact on the lives of people with disabilities.  

Spreading the word

We participated in the Global Health Campaign to further our goal of raising awareness about assistive communication around the world. When doing this work, we have five primary focus areas, which also served as the themes of the film.  

Brock with his SLP using a Tobii Dynavox device


To educate potential prescribers about the power of assistive communication, Tobii Dynavox provides free online classes. We also partner with nonprofits and influencers to demonstrate the link between communication and well-being to governments across the world.


Thanks to our robust funding department, we can help customers navigate the process of obtaining a communication device through insurance.


We design devices and software with diverse access needs in mind, so customers can control their communication solution in a way that feels natural to them, whether that’s through touch, eye gaze, or another method.


Customer desires drive innovation at Tobii Dynavox. We integrate our solutions into mainstream technology that customers already know and like.


Our goal is to support our customers for life. We develop durable solutions which we evolve with our users’ changing needs and expectations.

Brock with his SLP using a Tobii Dynavox device

Meet the cast

The film features interviews with five Tobii Dynavox leaders, who speak about our company’s mission, successes and challenges, as well as their vision for the future of assistive communication.

Fredrik Ruben Tobii Dynavox CEO

Fredrik Ruben


“The main reason [so many people with disabilities don’t have access to assistive communication] is actually lack of awareness. That to me is both very, very frustrating as a human being, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity.”

Victor Kaiser

Tech Support Representative & Customer

“The impact Tobii Dynavox has had on my life is enormous. It got me a job. I passed school. I educated myself as a PT and nutrition advisor and much more. If I would sum up what it means being able to communicate, it would be: freedom.”

Victor Kaiser Tobii Dynavox  Tech Support Representative & Customer 

Tara Rudnicki Tobii Dynavox President North America

Tara Rudnicki

President, North America

“Can you imagine that you have a child with a disability and thought they would never go to college? Can you imagine the day that family sees them on the stage getting their degree? Technology that we bring [makes that possible].”

Lindsay St. Clair

Customer Service Manager

“If we can just continue to hear our users and give them what they want—give the people what they want—I think that will keep us successful.”

Lindsay St. Clair Tobii Dynavox  Customer Service Manager 

Markus Cederlund Tobii Dynavox  Chief Product Officer 

Markus Cederlund

Chief Product Officer

“I would like to see that communication becomes a human right. So that the people who need this technology can get it. Because the technology is there.”