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What is TD Snap Gateway?

Gateway is an AAC language strategy focused on core words, created by Joan Bruno. It offers pages designed for different stages of language development. A related set of themed pages match leisure, educational and recurring conversational needs.  This page set is available within TD Snap as an in-app purchase.

TD Snap Gateway

Key features

The TD Snap Gateway Page Set contains features that enable learners to communicate efficiently, with a clear growth path.

Gateway (Child Functional) for Tobii Dynavox Snap Core First AAC app

Child Functional 

For kids who can benefit from an easy way to create multi-word messages with core/fringe words.

Gateway (Teen/Adult Functional  ) for Tobii Dynavox Snap Core First AAC app

Teen/Adult Functional 

For those who can create multi-word messages but struggle with word order and word endings.

Gateway (Child Language and Literacy) for Tobii Dynavox Snap Core First AAC app 

Child Language and Literacy 

For kids learning to combine symbols to form multi-word messages, and those starting to form more complex sentences.

Gateway (Advanced Communicator) for Tobii Dynavox Snap Core First AAC app 

Advanced Communicator 

A next step for kids using Child Language and Literacy who need a deeper and more efficient level of message creation.

Gateway (Text) for Tobii Dynavox Snap Core First AAC app 


For teens/adults with advanced literacy skills in need of efficient text-based core vocabulary.  Replicates Advanced Communicator in text instead of symbols.

Gateway (Pro) for Tobii Dynavox Snap Core First AAC app 


For those who prefer to spell with word prediction as a main communication mode. Contains the alphabet, core/fringe word folders and a high frequency of core words. 

Gateway (Scan Pro) for Tobii Dynavox Snap Core First AAC app

Scanning Pro 

For literate people who communicate via scanning and prefer word prediction combined with rich core vocabulary. Also includes prediction of fringe words.


In addition to a powerful set of included tools, TD Snap Gateway contains the following unique set of resources:


A set of self-guided learning videos about Gateway to deepen your knowledge as a professional, parent or caregiver.