Snap Core First

Snap Core First

What is Core First?

Core First is the page set at the heart of our Snap Core First AAC app. It offers a simple yet robust way for people who can't speak to combine words and symbols for effective communication.

How it's organized

The Core First page set contains communication tools that work seamlessly together, enabling learners to communicate right away, with a clear path towards growth and literacy.

Tobii Dynavox Core Word page set screenshot

Core Words

A small set of flexible words such as want, not and go, that make up roughly 80% of what we all use in many daily situations. Core words are selected for maximum use in many environments, carefully placed and ordered in a stable position for easier recall.

Word Lists

A system for organizing fringe vocabulary, a set of words that make up about 20% of what we all use to communicate more precisely. Word lists in Core First are organized by category to make them accessible to everyone, regardless of literacy skills. Within each category, fringe words appear in order of frequency.

Tobii Dynavox Word List page set screenshot

Tobii Dynavox Quick Fires page set screenshot

Quick Fires

A collection of fast, predictable messages that can be used alone or in combination, for when your communicator wants to say something quickly or talk about a specific situation.


A collection of topics that supports communication in specific places or situations, such as school or camping, to help your communicator create messages that might be difficult to predict ahead of time.

Tobii Dynavox Topics page set screenshot

Tobii Dynavox Keyboards page set screenshot


An on-screen keyboard that enables your communicator to gradually start adding in their own words as their language skills develop. Quick access to a keyboard helps foster literacy skills and independence.