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Boardmaker 7 Help

Boardmaker 7 Help

Boardmaker FAQs & Guidance

We're aware of some issues preventing customers from properly using Boardmaker 7 and understand how frustrating this can be. To help get you up and running more smoothly, here's a set of frequently asked questions and answers.

Installation & Software Updates 

What should I do if I have previously installed Boardmaker 7 and it was working for me, but now I see the message I was when I had the pre-release version of it?

This occurs for some customers when Boardmaker 7 is attempting to update to the latest version via an auto-update. The auto-updater starts downloading the latest version in the background. This takes about an hour with no indication of progress, so many people exit the software, and if the update is not complete, relaunching the app will restart the download process entirely.

We recommend leaving the software running for about an hour, then shutting it down and restarting. At that point it should update to the new version.

If you don’t want to wait for the auto update and you have administrator privileges, you can download the full installer here, uninstall the current version, and run the full new install.

If you are running on a Mac, you may see a dialog popup that says “an update is ready to install. Boardmaker 7 is trying to add a helper tool.” At this point, you need to enter the administrator username and password for the update to complete.

What URLs do I need to whitelist if I am working in an organization that blocks traffic coming from some outside websites?

Customers may be required to whitelist certain addresses to be able to successfully install the software and login with their subscription account, student account or activate a perpetual license or trial. Here is the complete list:

  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *

How do I know if I have the most recent version of Boardmaker 7?

As of December 17, 2020 after 6pm EST, Boardmaker 7.0.1 will be the latest version of the software. It will be an auto-update and there will not be a visual indicator as the update occurs in the background, so if you'd like to confirm that the update has taken effect, open Boardmaker 7, then close and restart it after a minimum of 30 minute then follow these steps:

• Open the Boardmaker 7 Editor or Boardmaker 7 Student Center
• Click on the three lines in the top left corner
• Scroll down, and select “About Boardmaker 7 Editor” or “About Boardmaker 7 Student Center”
• The version number will be listed below the logo on the window that pops up
• If you see “7.0.1”, you now have the latest version of the software
• If you are still seeing “7.0.0”, then you do not yet have the latest version, please keep the app open for some additional time and then close and re-open

Boardmaker 7 Student Center

What should I do if I cannot download new activities to the Boardmaker 7 Student Center or am having issues playing previously downloaded activities?

We are aware of an issue in the Boardmaker 7 Student Center that has prevented users from downloading new activities and disrupted the ability to play previously downloaded activities since the release on November 17th. Our team is working diligently to determine the root cause of this issue to put a solution into place as quickly as possible.


What should I do if I try to print a PDF of an activity and it’s coming up blank or not showing updates I’ve made?

If you select ‘Create PDF’ after making changes to an activity without saving your work, those changes will not be reflected in the PDF. Please save before selecting Create PDF.

What should I do when I select Create or Edit Activity and two prompts appear?

Please select the check box displayed at the top of the window and then click ‘Open Boardmaker 7 Editor’. Then close the second window. This should open the software.


What should I do if my PODD books aren’t working properly in Boardmaker 7?

We are currently experiencing issues in the conversion process and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible. Please see read this guide for more details.

Speed/load times

What should I do if Editor and Student Center are working very slowly?

We’re aware of this issue and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Error messages & pop ups

What should I do if I see an error message when launching Boardmaker 7? 

If you were receiving error messages such as “Error: self signed in certificate in certificate chain”, “Error: unable to get local issuer certificate”, “Error: unable to verify the first certificate”, or “Error: read ECONNRESET”, we now have a fix in place for this for Windows and Mac customers! This will require you to uninstall and reinstall Boardmaker 7 by taking these actions:

• From the Windows start menu, open Settings on your device
• Select Apps
• Under the Apps & features section, select the Boardmaker 7 Editor or Boardmaker 7 Student Center
• Click Uninstall
• You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to uninstall; select Uninstall again to confirm
• You will see a window that shows the progress of the uninstall. You may also be asked if you want to allow the software to make a change to your machine. Select Yes when you see this window
• After the software has been uninstalled, download the new versions here:
Boardmaker 7 Editor for Windows
Boardmaker 7 Student Center for Windows

• Uninstall Boardmaker 7 Editor and/or Student Center
1. In your Finder window, open Applications
2. Select the Boardmaker 7 app icon then drag it to the trash can to delete
3. Open up your *Macintosh HD folder in your Finder window
4. Go to /Library/Application Support/Boardmaker 7 Editor
If folder is not visible press cmd + shift + [.] to show to show hidden folders
(Folder will not be visible if you have not completely installed Boardmaker 7, by adjusting your Security & Privacy settings to “Open Anyways”)
5. Drag the entire Boardmaker 7 Editor folder to the trash
6. Empty trash
• If you cannot locate your Macintosh HD folder
In the Apple menu:
1. Select Go
2. Select Go to Folder
3. Type ~/Library/
4. Select Go
5. The contents of the library will be visible, and the Application Support folder should show
6. Delete the Boardmaker 7 Editor folder
• After the software has been uninstalled, download the new versions here:
Boardmaker 7 Editor for Mac
Boardmaker 7 Student Center for Mac

• If you encounter a message about malicious software, please reference our knowledge base article for how to continue

What should I do if my organization is using a proxy server and I get 'timed out' error messages?

If your organization uses a proxy server to secure connections between software running on their network and required outside sources, the Boardmaker 7 software may not launch properly, or may produce some errors. We’re working to resolve this issue as well.

What should I do if am getting an ‘initializing file handler’ error and then my Mac freezes?

Please update your operating system and this should quickly solve your issue.

What should I do if I get a malicious software pop-up when trying to install Editor on my Mac?

1. First, right click (or control+click) on the icon

2. Select ‘Open’ in the menu that pops up

3. Select ‘Open’ in the new window that pops up


If that does not work, try the following:

1. Open your System Preferences

2. Select ‘Security and Privacy’


Under ‘General’ you should see a section called ‘Allow apps downloaded from’. It is likely set to App Store. Change that to ‘Anywhere’.

If this is a school or work computer, you may need your internal IT department’s assistance.

Symbols & images

What should I do if my images aren’t loading properly in Core First Learning, Expedition Education, Reading Avenue and Book Bridge?

We’re aware of this issue and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Printing & saving

How do I save Boardmaker 7 activities when editing on a Chromebook?

We have created a support article on this topic.

How do I create a PDF or print from a Chromebook?

We have created a support article on this topic.