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Core First Communication Boards

Download and print out PDF versions of pages from our Snap Core First app – available in many grid sizes and in multiple languages. These communication boards are a great introduction to core words for symbol-supported communicators before they get their device. Or keep them on hand as a simple solution to be used in the car, at the playground, at the beach, or anywhere else it might be inconvenient to use a device. Download here in English, with more language options below.


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Core First

Our free Core First Communication Boards offer your child a simplified, low-tech version of the Core First page set from our Snap Core First app.

Teacher and student communicating using Core words

What are core words?

Core words are a small set of basic, often used words such as want, not and go, that we all use in many daily situations. These words are systematically introduced to keep communicators moving forward as their communication skills grow.

What is Core First?

Core First is a page set within our Snap Core First app that allows the communicator to start exactly where their current skills are and encourages a progression of skills using core words to grow at their own pace.

Student starting out with his first Core Board

Girl using Snap Core First on her iPad

What is Snap Core First?

Core First Communication boards are based on the core words and Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) from the Core First page sets found in Snap Core First, our symbol-supported communication app designed to foster literacy skills at any stage of development.

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Printable PDFs of Core First Communication Boards are also available in the following languages: