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Printing oversized activities

October 01, 2018

In Boardmaker V6 people created "Oversized Activities" by adjusting the page size to be multiple times the size of a typical sheet of paper.  V6 treats this like a poster and shows green lines where the edge of normal piece of paper would fall. Printing it in v6 prints it across multiple sheets of paper.

When you upload that oversized activity to Boardmaker Online, it works the same way but doesn't show the page breaks using green lines. There are a handful of things you need to know when printing these in Boardmaker Online…

  • First, don't use Chrome. Google Chrome is not capable of accurately sizing things when it prints.
  • Second, print from the button in the My Activities area, not from within the Online Editor. 
  • Printing from the My Activities area gives you the option to print "Actual" size, which is critical.
  • You have to know if the original document was meant to print each page in Portrait or Landscape mode. Then after you select Print, you will have an option to change your Printer Properties. Make sure to set the printer to either Portrait or Landscape depending on how the activity was created.
  • Lastly, before you print, use the zoom setting in the lower-right corner to zoom out and check where the contents of each page falls along the ruler.  For Portrait mode pages, make sure there is a gap every 8.5 inches across the top and every 11 in down the side. If anything overlaps those boundaries, then select it and drag it over. 

Landscape mode Oversized activity in V6


Landscape mode Oversized activity in BMO